The UK Government has proposed building a Barrage across the Severn Estuary to generate electricity using untried technology. We recognise the need to explore and develop more sustainable forms of energy but this cannot be at the expense of the Severn's unique environment, nor the economic prosperity of the region. The alternatives are there, the Government simply needs to invest more time, energy and money into them.
These are the facts;
Environment - The impact of any Barrage would be devastating to the estuary’s environment; especially its wildlife and birds.
  Economics - The Barrage will cost over £20 billion and would almost certainly be another burden on the tax payer.
  Efficient Renewable Solutions - There are better and much cheaper ways of harnessing the renewable energy of the Severn without damaging the estuary.
  Ports and shipping - Dramatic changes to maritime access puts at risk thousands of jobs in the ports and shipping industries and will kill economic growth in the region.
What Can You Do?

• Sign the petition

• Write to your local MP

• Lobby your local   Councillor

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Feasibility Study Conclusions
The Government has concluded that it does not see a strategic case to bring forward a tidal energy scheme in the Severn estuary at this time, but wishes to keep the option open for future consideration. The decision follows a consideration by Ministers of the evidence gathered during a 2 year feasibility study to assess whether, and on what terms, Government could support a tidal energy scheme in the Severn estuary.

The decision has been taken in the context of wider climate and energy goals, including consideration of the relative costs, benefits and impacts of a Severn tidal power scheme, as compared to other options for generating low carbon electricity.The decision not to rule out a scheme in the longer term recognises the significant UK resource that the Severn estuary presents.

The huge 14-metre tidal range of the Severn estuary - one of the highest in the world - represents a renewable, predictable resource with the potential (through a tidal power scheme) to generate up to 5 percent of the UK’s electricity needs, and so potentially make an important contribution to the UK’s renewable energy targets and wider climate change and energy goals in the future.

The feasibility study report, which summarises the study conclusions, can be downloaded from the links below, together with the main supporting documents. If you wish to see the full versions of all the detailed technical reports please contact STPfulldocuments@pbworld.com with your full postal address in order to request a DVD (one copy per enquirer).

Given the decision not to proceed with a scheme, this is not a public consultation. We will however accept any factual comments or evidence that would enhance the evidence base sent to severntidalpower@decc.gsi.gov.uk by 17 January 2011. Factual comments will be logged so that they can be taken into account in any future review.To view the full list of reports please click here

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